V07.BB Thermostatic mixing valves "L" comfort 1
Thermostatic mixing valve
  • Temperature adjustment range: 35–60 °C
  • Max working temperature: 95 °C
  • Accuracy: ±2 °C
  • Factory setting temperature: 44 °C
  • Reference working conditions: T hot = 65 °C; T cold = 15 °C; hot and cold pressure = 3 bar
  • Max static pressure (structural): 10 bar
  • Max working pressure: 5 bar
  • Max difference between inlet pressures: 4 bar
  • Flow coefficient: Kv 2,5
  • Connections: G 1 M
  • Fluid: domestic water, glycol solutions (max 30%)
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Product codes
Item code Size Download the 3D file
V07M250BB G 1 M 1 20
Barberi® L-comfort series thermostatic mixing valves are devices with mixed water on the side and are used to adjust the water temperature. They are used in domestic water systems, heating circuits, central heating system, heat generators (wall-mounted boilers, solid fuel generators, heat pumps) and industrial water systems. Their function is to maintain constant the temperature of the the mixed water sent to users even if hot and cold water inlet temperatures or pressures vary. This series of valves can be equipped with nuts and tailpieces with or without built-in check valve.
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